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"I had 6 people come up and thank me for bringing you in. I’m glad a bit of the glow of your success shone on me!   You did a terrific job. You had the entire audience in the palm of your hand. Well done."   
Doug Smart (on behalf of the Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce)

"Glen and Ben have captured some of the best Networking Nuggets that are needed to Succeed.  Having been an Associate Producer
of the  Positive Thinking Rallies in the 70’s I had the opportunity to have Ziglar, Waitley, Schuller, Art Linkletter, Paul Harvey and Dr. Norman Vincent Peale work for me on the rallies.  I have many books and tapes from all these speakers and many more.  The 101 Networking Nuggets book is a must read and use to help you become successful."    
Bob Liebold
"Glen and Ben were engaging, funny, and dynamic. They were able to cram so much useful information into entertaining skits and situations! You found yourself thinking "I know exactly who they are talking about!" We appreciated your expertise and enthusiasm."    
Michelle Walker, Barrow County Chamber of Commerce

"I was so afraid to speak in public. My whole body transformed when I had to speak before a group. Then I met Glen, and things are quite different now. My fears are going away, my anxiety is going away, and I'm beginning to enjoy it. I also learned a lot about networking from the seminar Glenn and Ben offered. I even received some great suggestions as well as some great one-on-one coaching. Thanks Guys for all the help. I appreciate you more than you'll ever know."    
Gwen Marshall, RGM Management and Development

"Glen's help with my 30-sec intro was amazing. In a short period of time he was able to draw out the important items and find the 'punch' to really give the intro a 'wow' factor. Thank you."

Ann Damani-McKinney, Conceivable Solutions, Inc.

"Glen & Ben are excellent! Not only do they have personal and professional knowledge on networking, they are most entertaining in their presentation. I would recommend them to any chamber!"  
Teri Wommack, President, Walton County Chamber of Commerce

"Ben and Glen have a lot to offer - I find it easy to recommend the seminars they offer - and have recommended them to a variety of my colleagues and friends."      
Dr. Cindy Bean


"The half hour we spent on the phone yesterday was for me one of the most productive half hours I’ve experienced recently. Please let me know if Ican be a referral for you in the future. I’d be more than glad to recommend you as a sounding board and or business coach."      

Andre Kasberger, President, Five Star Cleaning Service

"Your interaction with the team by having them participate in an exercise with the person sitting beside them was very powerful.  The tips for networking had them on the edge of their seats wanting more.  These techniques were beneficial to all those present, and will certainly enhance their ability in their respective communities. The comments and feedback were excellent."    
Barbara Winkler, Florida's Blood Centers

"Your speaking points were well taken.  I wrote them down and plan on going to your web site to buy one of your books.  Keep up the good work!"      
David R. Still, President, Georgia Association of Business Brokers

"Thank you both again for joining us last week at our Staff Clinic – we just loved your program!  So much so that Bill Mitchell – Chair of our 2007 Annual Conference – would like to invite you to speak at our Keynote Session during our 2007 Annual Conference."     
Tiffany Fulmer, Administrator
Georgia Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives

"Just wanted to drop you a quick note about today's event with Ben Turpin. This was my first Chamber event and I thoroughly enjoyed the "Networking" workshop you two put on. The humor and light mood was perfect for capturing the attention of
semi-distracted Friday morning audience."    
Lauren Wood, Speakeasy

I wanted to thank you for what you did toward the end of the leads meeting yesterday morning.  I am referring to what you did when you went around to each of the individuals who did not get a lead.  It was one of the most powerful trainings on how to give leads to others.  I actually thought of a lead for one person as well as received contact information and some business from others.  In other words, it worked.  But more important it made everyone feel included and impacted by the morning.  
My hat is off to you – you are a master at training networking!      
Lorna Rasmussen, Executive Director, Pre-Paid Legal Services

"Thank you for hosting the webinar for our Chamber members. Your informative style of communication allowed our members to connect and give full attention. The comments have been very positive and we appreciate your time & commitment."
Samia Masood
Miramar-Pembroke Pines Regional Chamber of Commerce

" I apologize for taking so long to thank you for the marvelous job you did delivering the "Is Your Networking Working" training for us in September.  The folks who attended the session derived such great value from the session, and we are very appreciative for your time and your expertise."
Susie Bowie, Community Foundation of Sarasota
"I wanted to thank you again for taking time out of your busy schedule to come to Georgia Tech. I hope you enjoyed
speaking on a college campus!"    
Laura Rodriguez, AISEC Gerorgia Institute of Technology

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